Fabric Postcards

I’ve recently discovered the joys of Fabric Postcards.  They are super easy and make great gifts.  Or even Just Because.  There are often VERY odd holidays.  For example.  April 30th is HairStyle Appreciation day.  Can you see the pony- and pig-tails in these???

pony tails

pony tails

and Pigtails!

pig tails

pig tails


Back in March was Alien Abduction Day!!



I can also do Birthdays, holidays, or sympathy cards.  I tell you what.   The FIRST 5 comments on this post will receive a FREE Fabric post card.  That’s right, FREE.  Just make a comment and I’ll get back with you to get the address.  Sound cool????   No strings attached!! 

Valentines Day cards

Valentines Day cards

8 responses to “Fabric Postcards

  1. Amy Gay sew rocks

  2. Well here is a comment! I put this in my favorites so I can scope out what you are doing! I hope to perhaps do the same thing. I just nneeeeeeed a new machine! Mine sucks.

  3. I ‘heart’ your stuff. You should take a photo of your chocolates too. Those would also sell like hotcakes.

  4. Amy all your stuff is awesome! I especially love all the frog stuff lol.

  5. See, I do read the blog! Love the postcards – they are super-cute, as are the bibbies. The alien fabric is especially cute. You are doing good, girl – keep it up! 🙂 ar

  6. Well, I was not one of the first five; however, I love all of your work! Can’t wait to see the LSU dresses. Allie thought the pillow case dress on Wren was the cutest. Allie wanted me to let you know that she is ten! Do you have any fabric this is polka dots but green & pink or pink & brown for pillow case dresses?

  7. Oh, what about hair bows to match? Let me know. I am going shopping to buy outfits for disney….we leave May 22nd….what about a red w/white polka dots and have her name on it? Shit, I am going to be your best customer. Email me for her sizes…..if you need too!

  8. butterflyangels

    Yes, I can do ribbons to match. I don’t know how to do BOWS yet, though. I’ll learn this summer!! I have to go to the store and get some pink and brown/green fabric. I can make a more grownup look for her!! lol That’s too cute. I’ll do the best I can to get these out before you leave. Measure both girls from the collarbone down to wherever you want the hemline. That’ll give me a much better idea on how long to make these.

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