Projects in the making

Went and did some shopping today.  I have a few irons in the fire.  First of all, one of my oldest friends has 3 girls.  Translation???  Dresses!!  I’ve already made her 2 LSU dresses, and have on tap 2 with orange dots.  She requested a Minnie Mouse type of dress.  I hope this is the right type of fabric!

may 09 121

One of those girls is a teenager, and has asked for a duffle bag in pink and green.  Think this might work??

may 09 125

I also need to make a few more tote bags.  Green magnolias (and mike’s shirt)..

may 09 130

and pink/blue floral

may 09 128

So stay tuned.  The dresses need to be shipped by Monday.  The tote bags done by the 20th.  Wish me luck!!  I also need to squeeze a queen quilt in there for a friend who really saved my rump when I was pregnant.  She broke a rib and needs it quyilted by Memorial Day weekend.  YIKES!!   Soooo, don’t come visit.  The house will be a huge mess.  If you want to come steal Mike, however, COME ON!!!!

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