My girls worked really hard the paste few days helping me get the house ready for their grandparents.  They were promised a Special Surprise.  I allowed them to pick out 2 Fat Quarters, ANY color/print that they wanted.  Gabby chose something a bit more normal.  Wren, however, well…..I guess she has Granny’s Polack genes!!!   lol  Just look!!

may 09 154

oops   forgot to wash off that chalk line!   And this is the inside.may 09 156

The pins are holding on the velcro while the glue dries.  Have you noticed the red flag on the back side??  Gabby must have mail!!   Now, for Wren’s!!

may 09 151

check out that print!

may 09 153

So, when the girls get home, their mailboxes will be at the foot of their beds (i havn’t decided how to attach them to the loft yet) with a note from Mommy, and some gum.  I hope they enjoy using the boxes as much as I enjoyed making them! 

Stay tuned for the Mother’s Day bags.  GiGi’s is totally done, and she’ll get it tonight.  Granny’s is almost done, and she’ll get hers Saturday.  They look great!!

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