Pretty In Pink

The same client from below asked for 4 twin sized quilts as Christmas presents.  After I posted the array of fabrics that I had bought, I was asked to make a carquilt with whatever leftovers I had.  Thankfully, I bought a LOT of each of these.  The pattern is called Yellow Brick Road, and there will be 3 versions of this same quilt.  This is the 36×66 version, then a twin sized, and a 36×48 crib for the craft show.

Long Crib 36x66  $80

Long Crib 36x66 $80

The young ladies name will be Appliqued to the border.

36x66 long crib   $80

36x66 long crib $80

2 responses to “Pretty In Pink

  1. Thank you!! As soon as I get Ink and paper I’ll build the template for her name. It’ll go on the lower right corner. and Allie’s will look just like Abbie’s. Only different colors. I’m pleased with how the top looks. I can’t wait to see it finished.

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