The “ugly” strip quilts and restoration project

A client presented me with two interesting projects.  First of all, she found an old quilt top, made of 4 striped sections.  She asked if I could create 2 matching quilts.  Here is a picture of how it turned out.  While this is NOT my style at all, she loved the finished project, and it’s not nearly as ugly as I first thought.  I’d be happy to have them in my own living room!

sept 09 023

a closer view

sept 09 025

The second project was an old, well worn quilt that had once been made for her son’s father.  There was grandbaby on the way, and could I fix this old, holey quilt?

Aug 09 384

A close inspection revealed LOTS of holes.  It was a nightmare.  The back wasn’t much better.

Aug 09 386

Most of the fabrics were very old and had a lot of tiny holes.  I told her there was no way I was capable of “fixing” it.  But I could cut it apart and create something new from what was salvageable.   This is all that I could create from the leftovers.

Aug 09 401

It’s only  a little larger than a crib sized quilt.  I’ve since added a bright red border, and then asked for some old clothing.  I’m in the process of cutting the clothing into manageable pieces, and will add that.  Keep posted for the update, as it will be coming soon!!!

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