Tinkerbell part III-The Unveiling

First of all, legal stuff.  This quilt IS NOT, nor will EVER be for sale.  Tinkerbell, and other characters are licensed.  Even the FABRIC with characters are restricted to personal use ONLY.  This is a birthday gift for my sweet, oldest niece.  And she is going to DIE when she gets it!

Ok–legal stuff over.  Let’s get to the Eye Candy!!!

I’m super excited about the borders.  I’ve never used a stencil before, and to attempt a chalk pounce, AND stencil the entire border was apparently sheer madness!!  BUT, the results were worth the frustration and aching shoulders.

the backside of the bord

the backside of the border

And this is Tink’s satisfied grin, because she KNOWS she will be in a pretty Red Head’s arms by Saturday!!

She still looks a bit “crunchy”.  That is the fusible webbing.  When it’s been washed a few more times, that will all soften out.  Or so I have been assured.  I’ve never DONE an applique this size before!!!

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