Goodie for Grandma

I FINALLY finished the Candlemat for Grandma’s Christmas present, and sent along a walker tote, too.  The candlemat is small–about 2 foot square.  I’m pleased with the quilting.

2 foot square candlemat.  $50

2 foot candle mat $50

tight stipple quilting

The tight stipple quilting will help hold the mini quilt a bit flatter, and table decorations will sit nicely on top of it.

walker tote bag $25

I found a few different online patterns for a walker tote, and combined them to make this.  The tulip bulb is a quilted pocket for pens or eyeglasses.  It attaches to the front bar of a walker in velcro.

I sure hope she can get some use out of it!

next project???  Making some Michigan State Spartan postcards for Aunt Leslie!

2 responses to “Goodie for Grandma

  1. How thoughtful and how talented.Your Grandmother must be so proud.I hate to even sew a button on.I admire your skill.

  2. butterflyangels

    Thank You!!! I hope she’s pleased when she gets them! She and my mother taught me to sew in the first place.

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