Maureens Boxy Stars

First of all, I want everyone to know that I found this WONDERFUL website call  This is one of her patterns, called Boxy Stars.  If you like to quilt, PLEASE go take a peak at her website.  She’s extremely talented!

OK–now, I started this quilt when i was pregnant for MIKE!  yes, that was over 2 years ago!!  I found a gorgeous jellyroll.  I THINK is was a moda.  I don’t even remember anymore.  I decided that I was going to make Boxy Star table runner and placemats for the wonderful “little old lady” who was such a big help.  I managed to get the thing kitted, but never got any further.  Since I’m having fabric and batting issues for my other projects, I jumped to this one for a quick fix.  It’s only about 48 inches square, so only a lap quilt.  But she already uses a small lap blanket, so I knew it would work.  Oh yeah–lost a few of the tiny squares, so one whole block was incomplete.  So much for tableware!!  LOL  So it morphed into a lapquilt.

48 inch square $75

double daisy wreath

I didn’t even wash it!!!  She came over to pick up her daughter, and saw it.  She said it was gorgeous.   I said “Really?  You like it?  Good.  Because it’s YOURS”  she took it home with her!!  She loves it!

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