I thought I posted a while ago about the Root of the Madder from Connecting Threads FQ pack that I’ve had.  For YEARS.  Well, at least a year.  But I guess not.  Anyway, I had my eye on it for ages.  The colors just seemed to “fit” my Brother In Law.  (who has no clue I even have a blog!!)  Time went on, and then I found a cream fabric at Hobby Lobby with Jesus Fish on it.  AHA!  that fits him perfectly, as well.  But still, the pattern just WOULD NOT come together.  Then somehow, flipping through a quilt mag, the pattern just jumped out at me.  And it wasn’t even a  REAL pattern!!  It was an ad for a different quilt mag!!  LOL  But there it was–these gorgeous pinwheels.  Straight to EQ I went, to make sure I had enough fabric.  I ended up a tad short of the Fish material and had to wait for HL to get a new bolt in stock.  So while this has been slowly germinating for MONTHS and months and months, I think it was well worth the wait.  Here’s a tiny preview.  The finished quilt is in the wash.  I should have enough light left at the end of the day for my photo shoot.  But if not, tomorrow will do.  He’ll be presented his birthday/christmas gift in only a few short weeks.  I can hardly wait!!

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