English paper piecing

Due to the baby coming fairly soon, swollen feet, and an upcoming vacation, I decided I needed a hand project.  Now usually, the word HAND and SEW are not together EVER in my sentences.  But I have little choice.  So I bought a bunch of 3 inch finished paper hexagons, called one of my fav quilty gals, and jumped in.  I discovered that I can hack at the fabric as I go, instead of neatly cutting out fabric hexagons, so that was a bonus!  Last night I ended making about 6.  Here are 2.

English paper Pieced Hexagons

I have quite a few scraps left over from the Madder Pinwheels, so WHY NOT?  I’m not sure what I’ll do with these.  I have 2x the white squares, so maybe an odd colored grandma’s Flower garden.  Or maybe just random tossed diamonds.  Either way, the work will be massive, so it will be MINE!!  And it probably won’t be too terribly big, either.  If my attention span will allow, a wall hanging.  Probably, just a table runner!  But it’ll keep me occupied while I have my feet up, and while in the car for several days.  So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts.  This will be a doozie for me!!

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