maternity pictures

OK, so a tad off topic here, but I HAD to show these off!  I have several friends who are photographers.  This is Melonie Brister at  I decided to try her this time!!  And she did NOT FAIL!!!  The kids, the corn, the quilt, and even my belly!  She has an amazing eye, and great imagination.  Thanks Melonie!!

2 responses to “maternity pictures

  1. These pictures are awesome. Melonie did a fantastic job. How much longer til we meet Phillip?

    • Hey honey!!! She is amazing, isn’t she? I’m 32 weeks today (he’s actually due on Gabby’s birthday, Aug 12th). But he’s head down, VERY low, and my SI joints are squeaking. LOTS of Braxton Hicks, too. Mike was 37 weeks 5 days. I’m going to guess just under 6 more weeks. I already have the cradle up, and I just drug out the boxes of 0-3 month clothing!! Taking no chances!!!

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