WIP-charm squares and baby hats

I had a GREAT birthday, thanks to an awesome friend.  She kicked me out of my house, kept my kids, and off I went!  The only purchase I made, though, was a set of Moda Charm Squares.  I added the sashing and border fabrics from my stash, but this is what I ended up with!!  About 40 inches square.  Not sure WHAT to do with it, but I HAD to use those charms.  They were eating at me!!

OH!!!  And I attempted to knit a hat!!  LOL  it didn’t work so well.  It’s supposed to be an LSU hat for Baby Phillip.  I followed the directions, but since I’m a new NEW knitter, I’m not surprised it wasn’t perfect.  Shoot–I’m just excited it resembles a hat!!!!  The brim is too big–notice it fits a cranky Mike.  BUT, since I followed the instructions, it’s not TALL enough for Mike.  Oh well.  On to try two!!

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