WIP-Scrappy Stripes for Sara

I used a pattern from http://www.Quiltville.com  She has some amazing ideas for using up all those scraps us quilters accumulate!  This starts out as a MILE of 2.5 inch stripes

the center looks like THIS!!

credit to Melonie Brister Photographer @ FIFphotography.com

I worked all day the next to add the 3 borders, and this is the completed top

Now, still brainstorming on a quilting pattern!

5 responses to “WIP-Scrappy Stripes for Sara

  1. LOVE IT! I have seen that idea and REALLY want to make one. You make that urge even stronger. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How funny – I just finished one of these too! I didn’t know there was a pattern, I found a tute for it on another blog. Yours looks great! Very scrappy.

  3. I’m excited that this quilt got such quick comments. I usually don’t like Utility style quilts. But for some reason, I LOVE the way this came out. Enough so that I want t make another. Glad you liked it! Check out Quiltville for LOTS of other scrap patterns.

  4. Hi there
    This is my first time at your blog. I really like this quilt BUT… I really loved it before you put the border on. IMHO the border made it a “safe” bed quilt whereas before it was a vibrant, happy go lucky “anything” type of quilt that just shouted “Look at me! I’m gorgeous!” (Hope I haven’t offended you but I did so like this quilt unadorned.) 🙂

    • No offense taken. I truly like the constructive criticism. If I had known how amazing this was going to look, I probably would have planned it to be all one large quilt. Heaven knows I have enough scraps to try again!! LOL The recipient loved the large stripes, but also wanted the smaller squares in there somehow. The quilt as shown is what she asked for. But I REALLY think the next one will be borderless. Or at least a SMALL single border.

      and the sunlight shining through really sets it off, doesn’t it??? Will it still be as pretty if not backlit? It’s ready for quilting, so we shall see!!!!

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