Quilt Camp 2010

Every year I steal my niece for a week.  Add to this my oldest daughter begging me to teach her and her friends how to quilt.  Well, being LARGELY pregnant, I figured two 8 year olds and a 5 year old made for a good experimental group.  And it’s WORKING!!  I had a hiccup with the rotary cutter–Kitchen table height didn’t help, but none could get the leverage to cut the fabric.  Even the sewing had a few bumps, but they learned quickly!!  What did they learn???  Well, They learned to SLOW DOWN, and which line was the 1/4 inch line.

And my niece learned the hard way WHY we don’t go smaller than 1/4 inch.  She was horrified when her fabrics just tore apart.  And yes, both older girls also learned how to rip a seam!!  LOL  I HATE FROGGING, and was NOT going to do theirs!

My 5 year old is getting a lot more help, but mostly because she can’t reach the foot pedal and the guide the fabric while sitting!  Poor kid–I need to get  smaller work table for her, I guess.  BUT SHE LOVES IT TOO!!  She is “driving” the machine while I guide the fabric.  I think today, I’ll do it the other way.

And the IRON, oh they ALL love the iron!!

The pattern is a simple 4 patch.  2 of them are bordered 4 patchs, and the third is a sashed 4 patch.  It’s amazing how they all picked their fabrics, and such similar patterns are coming out SOO different!!  Today’s job is to assemble the completed blocks and sandwich.  I may have to get some more batting.  Not sure yet.  We’ll see.  But first, HAIR CUTS!!  Especially the BOY.  He looks like a sheep dog!

2 responses to “Quilt Camp 2010

  1. You are certainly brave – years ago I taught my grandson how to do some quilting – but I wouldn’t let him use the rotary cutter – and he was 12!

    • LOL The experiment with the rotary lasted about 2 minutes!! I ended up doing all the cutting. But the older two really ARE doing all the sewing. AND the ripping!! LOL The 5 year old has already given up. She lasted much longer than I expected her to.

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