Quilt Camp Finale

Here they are folks!!   The finished products!  All three are SOOO proud of themselves.  And truly, I did VERY little to help on the tops.  Each of the older girls did at least 90% of the sewing, and ALL of the ripping.  I helped the 5 year old a bit more, of course.  And I did all the quilting and binding.  I DID learn my own lesson, however—when teaching children this young, use a larger seam allowance.  The standard Quilters 1/4 inch was just tooooo small.  No wiggle room.  Obviously, this means only super duper simple patterns can be used, but that’s all a wise person would use on young kids anyway, right??!!  Here you go!

Ashlei's Summer FourPatch

Gabby's Summer FourPatch

Katherine's Summer FourPatch

One response to “Quilt Camp Finale

  1. Congrats. I love them all … 3 WINNERS

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