Hurricane Phillip, the Quilt!

Last Friday, someone showed me an interesting quilt filled with snailtrails and stars.  She said the snail trails reminded her of hurricanes!  Hmmm, goes my nesting brain.  Clean, or sew??   Well, DUH!!  Off to EQ I go, and design a Hurricane Quilt for Phillip.  There was also Tropical Storm Bonnie headed our way at that point.  She wasn’t supposed to get big, so I figured it was a good enough reason.  And maybe the Low system would bring Phillip on out!  Well, that part didn’t work.  Baby Phillip is still firm inside.  But his quilt is done, and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Hurricane Phillip 40x40

I can’t believe I finished it ALL in one single day!!  But my feet very much punished me for it!

and now, the wait for Phillip continues!!!!!

4 responses to “Hurricane Phillip, the Quilt!

  1. Nice job, gorgeous quilt.

  2. I love this one! Great job!

  3. Snail’s Trail is one of my favorite blocks. I love the way you expanded the design.

  4. Beautiful! I will never look at Snail Trail the same again. It does remind me of a hurricane!

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