It’s been quiet, yet NOT so quiet!!

My sewing machine and studio have been gathering dust.  Because Phillip FINALLY made his appearance.  He’s 3 weeks old today.  He’s gaining wait left and right, and is a pretty easy baby.  Now, if I can ONLY get him to sleep!!  He still eats every SINGLE 2 hours.  Day and night.  But when an 8lb10oz baby grows to an 11 lb baby in ONLY 3 weeks, I guess eating every 2 hours is necessary.  And yes, he EATS!  He’s not just using me as a pacifier!!

Phillip Karl Aug 13th, 2010

His sisters adore him, but Michael isn’t too sure!!

My Niece is in love, too!!

so 3 weeks later, Mr Fats s thriving, and I’m really close to dragging out Bernie again.  I have a fall quilt that has been cut out and partially sewn, and a Black-n-Gold WhoDat quilt for a client.  Plus a craft fair in 10 weeks!!!!  I’ll be soliciting advice on that in another post!!

So I leave you with a recent picture!

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