Oopsie turned AWESOME!

All looking for the GiveAway, please go HERE! I have well over 100 comments!  I’m soooo excited this is going so well.  And finding all the new blogs was a blast for me.  I became a follower of a bunch of them via google friend finder, but now I don’t know how to reaccess them.  Any ideas??

OK–I needed to throw together a gift bag yesterday.  I decided to do more than the plain bag, and tried to make the Pink Penguin bag again.  I was in a rush, and misread the sizes, so my top piece is too big.  But you know what??  I LOVE IT!!  I can see a few smaller pockets in here.

3 responses to “Oopsie turned AWESOME!

  1. If you sign into your google account and then click on reader. you can access all of your blogs in one place or you can click on one to go to that page. The first step is to just get into your gmail/google account.

    I love many of the blogs. I wish I had known to do that earlier…there are so many great ideas out there!!!

  2. the READER option is one of the very top links on your gmail page.

  3. but i don’t HAVE a google account. That’s what I can’t figure out!! Somehow I have a google follower thingy account. I also can’t figure out how to put the google follower here on my blog. Too many fancy doodads!!

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