Hobby Lobby and Hancock

Just made a supply run.  Ready to start seriously gearing up my crafting. I’ll have to burn the midnight oil to catch up now!

Felt, Buttons, and zippers

Fat quarters and composition journals

remnants and ribbons

and a Frog quilt in the works

Yup..  PLUS these 2 at home all day, and I’m a BUSY mommy!

4 responses to “Hobby Lobby and Hancock

  1. those boys are absolutely adorable! mike is so-so big…i can’t believe it. and PKG is such a cutie! what is with the buttons/zippers/felt? and: i have to share – i made J&H trick or treat bags. And they’re absolutely fabulous. Really.

    • I never even THOUGHT about trick or treat bags! I wanna see! Buttons and felt will be for ornaments, and probably decorations on the journals. Zippers are for some small wristlets. I’m having a tough time sewing, though. PKG is a serious Arm Baby.

  2. sent you a FB and blogged about the treat bags. journals will be super-cute, i am sure.
    ever need random FQ’s? LMK. they were 0.99 the other day at Joann’s.

    • ALWAYS need FQ’s! I never seem to find the awesome sale. I bought a bunch just Monday, to get theses small projects done. It’s weird–when I first started all this I HATED scrappy projects, and had no clue WHY people wanted FQ’s. Um, now I eat my words! They are Quilters Crack as far as I’m concerned!! And your bags came out amazing!! Redo them in Christmas colors, and you have great gift bags!!!

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