A Quilter’s Wish List

I was trying to come up with a present for my wonderful Husband.  His Birthday is tomorrow.  He’s kind of easy since he loves tools.  But the tools he likes are not inexpensive.  And my mom (another October birthday) is easy too.  Gardening or Vino!!  It made me think about ME.  I think I’m easy, too.  My Aunt hit it on the head last birthday.  Fat Quarters!!  Even if I have no immediate use, you NEVER know when one of those pieces of Quilter’s Crack will come in handy!!

So with that in mind, here is a Quilter’s Wish List.  Certain things that are easy to buy, hard to mess up, and fairly inexpensive.  Nothing fancy, nothing intimidating.  Simple and Easy to get in and out with!

1-Fat Quarters.  Any color, any print.  Packs or singles.  Doesn’t matter!  OR buy 1/2 yards and I’ll cut them myself.  Or not.  Depends!!!

2-pins.  Plain ole sticking in pins.  Long, short, whatever.  I just loose them anyway.

3-Safety pins.  The BIGGEST silver ones you can find.  The gold ones seem thicker and mark the fabric, but the silver ones are awesome!

4-Rotary cutter and cutter blades.  At least for me, since I don’t use a fancy cutter.  I’d LOVE an Olfa, but can’t justify the cost yet.  SOON!

5-rulers.  any ruler.  Any size, any shape.  I’d even use duplicates, since I’m so unorganized!!

6-Marking pencils and pens.  I never ever remember where I laid those darn things!!

7-Gift Cards.  To a Local Quilt Shop, to Hobby Lobby, or even online sites.  I’m always on Connecting Threads, drooling on the screen!  Or cleaning slobber off the Keepsake Quilting catalogs.

8-Pattern books.  Many quilters don’t follow a pattern, but use them for inspiration and ideas.  A few tweaks, and a NEW pattern emerges.

9-Magazines.  See if you can scope out the mail.  Either buy a subscription, or get one they’re not receiving yet!

10-seam rippers.  (sigh) because they do get used.  and heaved across a room.  on a regular basis.


So, 10 things anyone can get for a quilter!!  All you other quilters out there, feel free to comment.  Notice I don’t have Long Arm Machine, or EQ7 on this list!!  I’m thinking simple and easy things.  Stocking stuffers, if you like!  So add your own ideas!!

“Christmas is Coming, the Goose is getting fat!  Please put some fabric in the quilters’ hat”  (paraphrase of an old christmas madrigal song!!)

3 responses to “A Quilter’s Wish List

  1. My, you made that easy! Hope your weekend was great and I hope Paul’s box AND card get there today!! Love you, gigi

  2. I would suggest to put the Olfa cutter at the top of your list. They outlast the others, especially if you use an Olfa mat too. I’ve had my Olfa rotary cutter since I started quilting, and I very rarely have to change blades. I also only use Olfa mats, for the same reason. They hold up much longer then the others. At least that has been my experience.

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