a few more journals

These are just turning out SOOO nice!!  And I’m not the only one.  Orders are flooding in.  AAKKK!!!  I sure hope PK behaves this next few weeks.

fabric covered journals $7 each

fabric covered journals $7 each

And since I needed a bit of a break, I worked on the Rhapsody in Blue for Grandma.  I have all of the 3 strips sewn together and cut back apart, ready to be turned into 9 patches.  WAHOO!!  This is what it looked like in just stripes.

2 responses to “a few more journals

  1. All those journals are cute! Do you think you’ll have any left for the craft fair or do I need to make an order?

    • HAHA I’m not sure!!! I think I’ll make 2 of each of what was just ordered. That way I’ll have inventory. I also have some tiger stripe with plain purple, if that strikes your fancy!! Making bags out of that, too. I have some serious work to do! CRAP–Forgot your pants–will do them RIGHT NOW!!

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