Another Day!!!!

Today will be just as busy as the last few have been!  Yikes!  And i REALLY need to mop the kitchen floor.  Anyone wanna volunteer for that???  LOL

Yesterday I had to go to town for Guinea Pig food.  While I was there, I stumbled across some BRIGHT summery fabric.  I couldn’t resist!!  I’m making a “set” with it.  2 bags, 2 ID cases, then I’ll make a wristlet and a journal cover.  I’m almost done with the bags.  Also yesterday, the custom journals were picked up.  the client seemed very pleased, so I am too!  The end of this week will be the LAST of teh bags, I think.  I’ll need the rest of the time to get the Christmas themed stuff done.  These are the 2 I completed yesterday.

Now the last thing i need is to get bit by another idea.  Unfourtunately, that has happened.  A friend posted the pattern for this little dude!!  He’s created by Moda and the free pattern can be reached by clicking on him.

Isn’t he ADORABLE??  Darn.

And I still have to finish the girls’ costumes.  YIKES!!!!

2 responses to “Another Day!!!!

  1. What beautiful fabric! What is it called?

  2. I don’t know!! It was in the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby!!!

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