Lemonade and monsters

I stumbled across this gorgeous fabric and it just looked like Lemonades to me!!    I managed to “squeeze” 2 bags, 2 ID cases, 2 cell pouches and a journal.  I had a 2nd journal–I miscut and it won’t fit.  I’m NOT happy with myself!!!  What a waste.

And a quilty buddy found a pillow/bag monster pattern on Modas Bake Shop website.  I took a peek at it, and changed it.  Of course!!  I have no use for a pillow, or a bag.  But a smaller version, made with felt, and weighted with beans–well, now THAT is a conversation starter!  I’m going to make a few smaller ones, too.  Toys, or even pincushions!!  With some more tweaking, I can see a lion, a pig, a tiger, etc.  Something to keep in mind for March’s fair!!

One thing is for sure–He is too cute to be scary!!!

One response to “Lemonade and monsters

  1. I love that lemonade fabric! I’m enjoying following your blog. You are one busy lady!

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