Hey Hey We’re the Monsters

Hello, All.  It’s been a whole week since I posted last.  Oops!  Not because I’m NOT busy, but because I’m TOO busy.  And the more I post, the more orders I have.  I can’t take anymore orders–running out of time!!!  But I made a few more monsters, and thought I’d show them off.  I still have orange/red and Black/white ones to create.  I just smile whenever I see them!

Please ignore the nasty mess behind them!!  You do NOT want to see the rest of the house, either!

2 responses to “Hey Hey We’re the Monsters

  1. I guess I did cause some problems for you heheheh. They are cute! You are right…you have to smile when looking at them!

  2. And I still have a few more to make!!

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