Is Jimmy Hoffa in here??

Seriously, LOOK at the size of this bag??!!!

Large Hobo Bag $35

The colors are gorgeous, the bag is perfect.  But it’s HUGE!!  Oh well.  If it doesn’t sell, it’ll be great for toting Show-N-Tell items to the guild meetings.

Yes, I said GUILD!  I’m so very excited.  I went last monday and had a blast.  Hubby stayed home with all FOUR of the younguns and he survived with his sanity intact.  I’m so proud of him!  Because PK was NOT on his best behavior.  I’m going back again next month.  It was awesome!!

Still busting my butt sewing.  Almost done with a froggy quilt order, made a few more ID cases, a few more cell cases, and a few ornaments.  Oh and Mug Rugs!!  SOO cute.  I’ll highlight those maybe tomorrow.

For now, it’s time to grab my babies off the school bus!


Piece, Amy

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