Monday Monday

And it is SUCH a monday!  I had a wonderful weekend, and didn’t want it to end.  I went to the Houston Quilt Festival.  It was AWESOME!!  Met a wonderful friend, saw some mega inspiration, bought some flannels and a new marking tool, and just had a great time!  PK came with me.  The Moby wrap is AWESOME.  I was very worried that 17lbs strapped to my front was going to cause some major pain, but I did well.  And so did he.  Napped a lot, cooed at strangers.  The colors and activity were fun, I guess.  Unfortunately, I’m now suffering.  He wants to be in arms again!

and Sunday I was busy with Bernie.  Together we managed to finish the mugrugs, potholders, and giftcard ornaments.

potholders/trivets $7

mugrugs $6

giftcard holder ornaments $5

and a bunch of postcards already, too!  But still, more to go!

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