Almost time!!

It’s almost time for the CRAFT FAIR!!  Less than 72 hours, now.  I’m no where near ready, thanks to my darling baby son!  But oh well.  I’ve done the best I could.

So don’t forget, Saturday, the Blue Fire Men Center, 9-2.  PLEASE come on out and have a blast.  There will also be free smoke detector batteries given out by the Fire Dept.  Sponsored by Energizer as part of the Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery Program.

and since every post has to have a picture, how about a Work of Art from the Houston International Quilt Festival?

NOT MY WORK From the Houston Quilt Show

3 responses to “Almost time!!

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful quilt.

  2. Saw your blog in the quilting group. I loved the entire page. You do fantastic work and, very creative in all your styles. Congratulations on your new baby. How you find the time to tend to the kids and sew too, I am impressed. Look forward to other blogs from you.

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