Now for the Christmas Crush.

The craft fair is over.  I did fairly well!  I even had a twin quilt commissioned.  And PAID FOR IN ADVANCE!!  Yup–I’m happy.  I’d show pictures, but I forgot my camera.  This is all I have, and it’s a cell picture.

The nights and days have been rough lately.  My 3 month old is, well, a 3 month old!!  But  I did manage to throw together my flannel rag quilt.  This is a sneak peek.  I still have to snip the seams and wash it so it frays and gets all snuggly!

So NOW, it’s time to hump it.  Grandma’s birthday is December 12th.  She turns 80 this year.  I hope this will be done in time, so that Dad can give it to her when he goes to visit.  It’s called “Rhapsody in Blue”.  Here’s a preview-

And lastly, a quilt for my poor dad.  He is so mistreated, you know??!  haha  Or so he says.  It’ll have an applique dragon on it, in reds and blacks, and probably some golds.  I havn’t even started buying his fabric yet.  I need to get Grandma’s out of the way, first.

SO wish me luck.  I’ll post progress of each as I go!


Peace and pieces,

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