Home again and on to Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving was AWESOME!  I had a great time at my parents.  And with my niece.  She is active, but sooo bubbly.  I adore that kid!  But it’s back to the grind. I have to finish the butterflies, start on a dragon, and make 13 bags and journals.  Yikes I’m going to be busy.  Wish me luck!

But first, a sneak of the butterfly!

And I received a gift in the mail right before Thanksgiving.  I joined a swap that used a different format.  I think I like it!  The swap was hosted by Quilting Gallery.  They gave you a pattern that you had to use, but it was open to interpretation.  HERE is the original post.  I made this one and sent it off.

The recipient said she liked it super scrappy. And she seemed pleased when she received it.  THIS is the one i found, and I LOVE it! 

And LOOK at the stitches!  She hand quilted this.  They are perfectly even.

sigh    Someday I’ll have the time to handquilt.  Someday……………………..


peace and pieces,

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