Pay it Forward

Well, yesterday was Pay It Forward day.  I didn’t even leave the house!  AKKK, but an opportunity fell into my lap anyway.  There is a very young boy who has been very recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  Right in here in my town.  That is one of my biggest fears as a mother.  As soon as humanly possible, that little boy will have a warm, bright quilt to take with him to treatments.  If I design it like the Downy Quilts for Kids, it should be allowed in the hospital.

Poor little man.  And his family.  I feel so horrible for them.

On a happier note, Mr PK slept ALL night last night! I put him down at 9:30, and he is still snoozing at 7am!  What did I do??  I have NO idea.  I fed him cereal last night, but I’ve done that before.  And I went back to swaddling both arms (he threw a fit and punched me in the nose!).  Maybe that did it.  I dunno.  But I slept like a rock!  It was probably a fluke, but I’ll take it.  Any sleep is better than what I’ve been getting!

I hope to have the borders on Rhapsody in Blue done by tonight.  Maybe I’d better make the quilt label first, huh?  I hate handsewing those things!!


peace and pieces,

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