Well, Lots to say, yet nothing to say at all!  LOL  Quilty wise, Rhapsody in Blue Butterflies is on it’s way to Grandma.  It is slated to be there tomorrow.  Her Birthday is the 12th, and I can show the pictures then.  I’m VERY pleased with the way it turned out.

I’ve also started the blocks for the Celtic Dragon.  I have 8 of the 48 knot blocks done.  Here are the first 3.

It’ll be a very graphic, 3 color quilt.  Dad is blue/green colorblind, so the contrast will be easiest for him to see.  Red is the third color.  I’m sure I like what I bought, though.  I may end up shopping for a deeper, richer hue.  Not sure yet.

I also have a SLEW of homemade gifts to get hopping on.  Bags for younger ladies and girls, patchwork scottie dogs for the littlest ones, purse insert and table runners.  TOO darn much.  And less than 3 weeks till Christmas.  I have a feeling SOME of this won’t be done.  As long as dad’s Dragon is done, I’m good.

And since I must have a picture, here’s the 3.5 month old, SITTING.  Yeah–overacheiver.  But at 18 lbs, I think there’s too much lead in his butt to move.  Like a WeebleWobble.  He won’t fall down!!

3 responses to “Morning!

  1. What a beautiful baby!
    Quilt is looking great, too!

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