Mail Call!

I was soooooo excited yesterday that I ran to the mail truck WITH the baby!!  So I handed him over while I ran the box inside.  Don’t freak out—I know my MailLady very well.  One of the Country Life Bonuses.

Anyway, Connecting Threads had a huge sale Cyber Monday.  All precuts were 50% off. High Quality for less than $3 a yard???  Shoot Yeah!  I ended up with some interesting colors, just because I wanted to try new things out. And I bought 4 each of the Strips and layercakes.  To make sure I have enough.

Can’t go wrong with blue and yellow-This is Sunny Skies

New England

Warm FQ’s

Stripes and plaids FQ  (and we all know how much I love my stripes!!)

Cool Fat Quarters

Dusty Strips

And my first Cone.  I have to create a cone holder, though.  I saw one made from a computer CD thingy.  Might have to look that back up!

And the only OTHER bit of news is that I chopped my hair.  Yes, CHOPPED.  Babies. hormones, etc.  I usually hack it off about this time.  I wasn’t going to go quite so short, but this way it was long enough to donate.  I’m still happy, if a bit shocked that I did it!!  Hopefully, the Hubby won’t pass out!!  LOL

And now, since the youngest is snoozing, back to the sewing.  “Miles to go before I sleep” (R.Frost)

peace and pieces,


PS–I will be donating the 10 inch “rat” to Locks of Love.

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