Christmas Crunch

I’m slamming, trying to get everything done.  I have 8 more of the blocks for Dad’s Celtic Dragon done (bringing me to half done), and I’ve printed the pattern.  I’ve decided to go buy a fusible pressing mat tomorrow-I think it’ll make the whole applique thing easier.  I’m also cranking out small things for the MANY girls in my life!!  And boys, too.  Here are the most adorable Patchwork Puppies, created using THIS tutorial.  4 boys, and one girl!

It is apparently Kid Tested, Mother Approved!!

And these are 2 sets for some special sisters.  Scarf, bag with smelly goodies, and a cell phone/camera case.

I’ve made a BUNCH of those camera/cell cases.  They are matches to the many bags that are leftover from the craft fair.  No pictures of those, since only the colors changed.

Here is a table runner

Oh–and here’s a bag that matches the girl scottie.  The recipient is a 1.5 year old.

I think I have some more things, but I guess I don’t have pictures yet.  Time to start wrapping all this stuff.  But FIRST, since PK is napping, back to the Celtic Dragon!

3 responses to “Christmas Crunch

  1. I believe the recipients will be very happy with these items. I really like the girl scottie. The materials are really cute. The table runner turned out real nice as well.

  2. I know I have come in a bit late on this one, but what about using baking paper (silicone type -Glad Bake etc) for your applique. The applique sheets get scummy after a while, with the baking paper, you just organise your design, press together and throw away the paper.

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