Butterfly Ball

A friend started making the small lovies with ribbons sewn on to them.  TOOO cute, and I’ve been thinking of making them myself for the next craft fair.  I also presold a baby ball at the LAST craft fair.  Hmmmm…..brain goes into overdrive!!  SO, after making the bag and the ordered ball, I got to work.

Butterfly Bag (customized $20)

The honored recipient will receive a free “Butterfly Ball” to test out for me.

Butterfly Ball $10

And of course, PK got one, too!!!

PK and his Butterfly Ball, and Patchwork Puppy, too!

Butterfly Ball $10

The plain balls, Butterfly Balls, and Patchwork Pups will be available at the next craft fair in March.  If you have any specific colors you WANT to see, please let me know.  However, I can’t preorder right now.  I have 3 quilts, plus the craft fair.  If you don’t see what you want, I can special order after that.  I hope to add “Butterfly Blankets” to the inventory list as well.

peace and pieces,

EDIT–After thinking I created something new, I see these all OVER Etsy shops.  oops!!!!  Oh well.  I guess nothing is ever new, right?  HAHA

One response to “Butterfly Ball

  1. You have MY grandson out in the cold???? You better warm him back up. LOL

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