Hexagon progress

I thought I’d show off the work I’ve done on my hexagons.  I started some of these when I was pregnant, and then got a LOT done on the road headed to and from NC.  There is still a LOT more to do, and still so many options.  I’m not sure where to turn.  I could ring them all in white, and just make a 3×3 wall hanging.  I could rering them again in another color and grow it even larger.   I could mash them all together (after taking OFF the extra white ones) and make it smaller.  Or then add a few more colors and grow it yet again.  See???  Too many options!!  LOL  I’m honestly considering the last one, though.  Here……this is what I have.

Looking at the mishmash pile right there reminded me of the EQ drawing I’d made ages ago.

But THAT has 29 flowers.  I only have 10.  AND that has many colors.  I only have rustybrowns.  I guess I could go buy some more fabric (GASP) and continue, though!!!  Hmmmmmmmmm       Any thoughts out there in Blog Land??

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Hexagon progress

  1. I really like that layout you have shown!

  2. Those hexagons grow slowly but are so much fun! Good luck deciding which direction to take.

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