I love stripes.  No, I ADORE stripes.  Of all kinds.  All colors, Fat, thin, varied, monotone.  You name it, and I want it.  I don’t usually have a lot in my stash, though.  I buy it specifically for a project and then buy solids around it.  I was at HobbyLobby this week, shopping for a baby quilt.  The client wants trucks.  Would you believe, NO trucks???  Hmm, what to do!  Find a cool border and applique on a simple backdrop, right??!  Sure!  So I found a (wanna guess?) STRIPE!!  It was perfect.  Found a few other colors to blend with it. Wanna see?  SURE you do!!

Then, inspiration hit.  In the form of another stripe!!  It was PERFECT!!  Pink enough for a brand new baby girl, yet not so pink that her mommy would hate it!  And then I remembered a pattern I’d seen at the local guild meeting.  (Contraband Quilters, for you local gals!)  Yup, that is it!!   It’s by the Texas quilter, Dot Collins.  I need to find her site and make sure it gets on my blog.

So here is the scrap of the stripe…..

And using ONLY this fabric, some fancy cutting, and an applique, I made THIS!!

Optical Illusions baby quilt 36x48 ish $75

I used raw edge applique to make it even more girly.  I LOVE the way it came out. 

And since this came out so good, I’m redoing the other stripe plan.  yup!  Same idea.  I think it’ll work out really well.  I’m done with the blocks already.  I hope to have the whole thing done before the weekend is out.  We’ll see.  Family things to do, too!!

Oh, and i also bought this stuff.  I’ll get to that another day!

peace and pieces,


One response to “Stripes

  1. LOVE the ragged edge applique!! Gorgeous job on the whole quilt!!

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