Shopping trip!!!

Me and my oldest hit the trail today.   I HAD to get more supplies so I could keep working.  We still are all coughing our lungs up, but at least we FEEL better.  Even if we do sound like we have the plague.  Even in Hobby Lobby, we got an interesting comment about being sick.  I made SURE to tell her that I’d already spent a fortune at the Dr yesterday, and he said we were fine.  Nosey ole biddy!  GESH!  But I didn’t let her ruin our fun.  Look at all the goodies we bought!

First, for the twin Gator quilt.  The top is a dark green.  PERFECT for a gator.  And I just LOVE the yummy gold on the right.

Then, some mardi gras that I HAD to have.

Then, I’m involved in a small swap on Quilting Gallery.  ok, not so small!!  it’s HUGE.  But we just make small mugrugs.  My partner liked mauves and pinks, and an antique-y feel.  I hope she likes this!  I’ll add a lighter pink from my stash.

And last, I bought more of the stripe for the truck quilt.

AHHH  We had a great time.  What a sweet day with my girl!

Squeeky Queen and her Princess Piglet

peace and pieces,

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