First of all, LOOK at my sweet employees!  They were such good boys at the store.   A mommy couldn’t ask for better.

I’m working on another Camo Quilt.  Who KNOWS what fabrics I used last time.  That was a year and half ago.  But this is what I ended up with this time.

and of COURSE, I hit the remnant bin.

the brown on top is Minky   SOOOO soft!!  only a yard, though, so not sure what I’ll do with it.  The pink and green match the john deere fabric.  Maybe some Butterfly Balls??  The zebra, well, who ever has enough zebra??!!

I ALSO have a new PRINTER!!  $30 HP.  The paper in the front is my Golden Gator pattern, so it’s working!

Guess that means i should get back to work, huh??

Ohh!!  Working on the heart wreath.  The stipple is very nice!!

sigh   The boobyboy wants his dinner, and the girls are doing homework. Time to rejoin the family.

peace and pieces,

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