What to do with an ugly Jelly Roll

The house is already 4.5 years old.  You KNOW they didn’t put good carpet in to begin with.  And the seam was in the MIDDLE of the room. It is shredding!

Than add THIS to the mix!  Mr ihaveapincergrasp andiknowhowtouseit!  He has gagged several times on schmutz now.

Soooo, what to do????  Well, a friend saw a woven rug on Moda’s site.  THEIRS was only one jelly roll.  But I have 4!! I bought them in a super sale, sight unseen.  The colors aren’t horrid, but not at all in my color family.  I also have a very full scrap bin.  12 bobbins have been emptied, but I have 36 strips that are 80+ long, and 72 that are 40+ long.

And this interesting piece has been in my stash for a while.  Someone gave it to me, and it’s upholstery weight.

So now you see it–a back and a front!!  I have my Guild Meeting tonight, so I hope to start pinning pieces and weaving them by tonight!!  WOOHOO!!

peace and pieces,

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