Aztec Purple

Today was a GOOD day!!  Both kids took a good nap today.  It was AWESOME!  And so very productive.  My strips got turned into blocks this AM, and then a top during nap. Once again–needs a good press and borders, but not bad!

full rail fence

The print is adorable.  Turtles, birds, fish.  I love it.

Time to get the girls from school, though.  I think I have to be done for the day.  Or maybe I’ll work on a few rows of the Wedding Trip Round the World.  Yeah–I’ll do that!!  I’ll border them all at the same time.


peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Aztec Purple

  1. These colors are beautiful!

  2. Thank you!!! I think the borders will make it mesh even better. It’ll have a thin green border, then a wide dark purple one. Thinking of quilting in green, but I havn’t decided yet.

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