Every once in a while, a priceless family heirloom appears.  These are, to ME at least, TREASURE!  We know that these are made by one of my great grandmothers on my mom’s side.  Knowing the family dynamics, we suspect they are from my grandfather’s mother.  But we will probably never know now.

The first is a Grandma’s Flower Garden.  It is in pretty poor shape.  A lot of the fabrics are shredding, and one entire side looks like it’s been chewed on.  But there is still SO much character!!!

Notice the irregular border on the top and bottom!

This is the “dog eaten” border.

And the stains, and shredding fabrics.

And for the most part, no batting left!!!

These quilts are at LEAST 50 years old, and probably much older than that.  Grandma is 81, but it’s hard to know when her Mother In Law or Mother made them.

The second is a Whole Cloth.   It’s in MUCH better shape!  Only 2 small tears in the main fabric, and just a slightly tattered binding.

There is a center medallion surrounded by a grid.

and the borders have feathers!

I’m so blessed to be given these!  A piece of history.  I’ll take them both to the LQS and see what they reccomend.  Part of me wants to use them, because that WAS the intent of the quilter when she made them.  But these are so OLD!  And Antiques don’t fall into that category, right????   LOL  Maybe I can find a way to display them somehow.

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Treasures!!!

  1. Do you think you can refurbish them? They are so beautiful. Especially the flower garden.

    • I’m not sure if I can. Or even if I SHOULD. When they “date” a quilt, they use the YOUNGEST fabric. So if I fix it, it would not be an antique anymore. But That is one of the options I’m going to explore.

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