Louisiana irises, bacon quilts, and teeth. aka LIFE!

I ran out of THREAD!!  Ugh.  I’ve reordered it, and it should be here no later than Monday.  Hopefully Saturday.  I am annoyed that I keep underestimating my thread usage. I have 2 others ready to quilt, but I don’t have enough pins to pin-baste another.  So I’m STUCK!  dang–that means housework, doesn’t it??

So since I have no quilty pictures to show, how about my Louisiana irises??  Aren’t they stunning??

I guess I DO have a  pseudo-quilt to show off.  I saw it on a message board and I just HAD to do it.  So here are 2 strawberry people, snoozing comfortably on a bed of scrambled eggs, beneath a bacon quilt!  This breakfast served the whole family!

Don’t they look happy????


And my handsome youngest employee got in TWO TEETH!!!   In 2 days!!  Yup.  That explains a LOT!!!!   Now to await the top 2, and MAYBE we can get some sleep.  Oh, WHO am I kidding.  Little turd will be learning how to walk by then, and still be up all night processing his achievements!!  LOL  But he is SOOO CUTE!!!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “Louisiana irises, bacon quilts, and teeth. aka LIFE!

  1. I agree, the Louisiana Irises are beautiful! But, the bacon quilt is a little gross. Sorry!

  2. That bacon quilt ROCKS! Very cool idea and very cute!

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