Patriotic Cowgirl

She is finished.  I have very few pictures, unfortunately.  Yeah—-make sure the 3 year old isn’t ANYwhere near the camera from now on.  He deleted the last few, which were my full length ones.  But I can start with this picture.  It’s the last full length picture I had.

So you see where the “Patriotic” part comes into play, and NOW, the Cowgirl part!!  I quilted it with hats and boots!!

I know, they’re kind of hard to see.  But the BACKSIDE shows them more.

This is obviously an unfinished picture, but…

I did manage to save this picture before he deleted this.  I LOVE the way this came out!

peace and pieces,

One response to “Patriotic Cowgirl

  1. It finished really cute! Congrats for a nice finish.

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