Can coozy and table scarf

I messed around last week, and came up with a few new things.  I have to rework the scarf pattern–it’s a bit thin to be a true runner.  But it WOULD work perfectly as a giant potholder if I’d used Therma-brite!

And I made some neat little Can coozies.  One for each teacher, each aid, and 2 for MOM!

Kind of neat, huh???

I was pleased.  And so were all the recipients.  I will have plenty of these to sell at the craft fair in November.

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “Can coozy and table scarf

  1. I kind of like the idea of a giant pot holder. I use the one cotton clothesline placepat for a giant pot holder instead. Nice to be able to sit large, hot items on a table, esp if that thing has to be passed around.

  2. I hope to get pictures of it on my table later today. It’s only 7 or 8 inches wide. But I REALLY like the way it’s coming out. Still reworking the pattern. I got some good aesthetic advice from mom this weekend.

  3. When do I get my flamingo & flag coozies? TOO STINKIN CUTE!!

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