Trash in to Treasure!

First, I made some potholders as a birthday present.

Pretty, huh???

Anyway, trimming them to a 9 inch square left a pile of shreds.  A pile of trash!!!  Add catnip–

Stuff it all into a tiny pillow…

And you have a Happy Kitty!!

A VERY happy kitty!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “Trash in to Treasure!

  1. The potholders came out very cute. I like the green and daisy combo.

  2. Cute potholders. I don’t have kitties, I have puppies. I usually save my scraps for a lady who uses them to stuff dog beds for dog shelters. If I had some catnip, I could do your idea for some friends kitties.

  3. Ha never thought of that! I’ll have do that one my kitty would love it!

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