What does an AWESOME mommy do with this????

Make a birthday present for my Tiger Girl, of course!!  Stay tuned!!  It’ll be a super quick job.  Waiting for SOMEONE to take a nap!

peace and pieces, Amy

4 responses to “GRR!!!

  1. I have a bunch of that left over from 20 yards back from when I made the mascot! I still haven’t figured out what to do with it!

    • What about linings for purses? or even outsides for purses!!! Book covers, can coozys, How well did it sew up? I’m trying to decide if I should actually quilt it, or hand tack. And I do NOT want to hand tack at all!!!!

  2. Neato quilt!!!!!!!!!! When do I get mine? Which one’s “Tiger Girl”? As if I didn’t know! Must me my namesake you keep accusing me of!

    Tell Gabby SHE’S mine too-you’re just CALLED MOM!!!!!

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