her Birthday present

My Tiger is going to DIE when she sees this!!

The fur was $12, batting was roughly $5, the gold cotton was a scrap, and the yard of  LSU stuff was leftover from another project.  So that means, less than $20 and a good naptime is all I needed to make her a special gift.

I know, I know.  Mommy is AWESOME!!  LOL  Well, I hope she thinks so when she gets it.  Do I do it at her party, or wait til her actual birthday????   Hmmmmmmm…………

Sooo, what kind of special project will Gabby get???   AK!

Peace and Pieces,

4 responses to “her Birthday present

  1. She will absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I vote to give it on her party day.

  2. Love it!! I want mine at my party-which is next week-not on my birthday-which is in July! And please substitute Green Spartan stuff for LSU. I’ll try to find the material for you! LOL

    • you BETTER find that fabric!! Cause I sure can’t get it down here!! But next week—-um, AIN’T happenin’!!! Wait your TURN, old lady!!! HAHAHA Mom–Your sister is BUGGING me!!!

  3. wait until her real birthday

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