Kutter’s Krazy Kritters

As soon as Gabby found out her teacher was expecting, she knew she was making a quilt.  We waited to discover that it was a boy.  She picked out the fabrics.  She helped pick out the pattern (I steered her towards easier ones!!) Then she sewed the entire top all by herself!!!

And RIPPED the screw-ups out, ALL by herself.  I hate ripping.  Now, she does too!!  LOL  Poor kid.  But in the end, it came out absolutely amazing.  And I’m super proud of her.

I think she was proud, too.

Her teacher LOVED it.

I LOVE Quilty Goodness!!

I hope Kutter, and his mommy, have a wonderful BIRTHday.  Whenever he decides to come!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “Kutter’s Krazy Kritters

  1. I guess if she can do it I shouldn’t have given up!
    Way to go Gabby!

  2. Oh, I’m so proud of her! That’s awesome, Amy!!

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