Twirl Skirt

I found a neat little tutorial HERE and messed around with it.  First, I took a Shirt made in the Pillowcase Dress manner, and took the sides in.

It measures about 24 inches around the bottom.  then, I took 5 inch squares.

a LOT of 5 inch squares!!

100, to be exact.  I used 7 for the first tier.

11 in the 2nd tier.

17 in the 3rd tier.

About now is when I realize that the bodice looks a bit odd.  I compare it to a dress that she just got from her Granny.

Ah HAH!!  it’s too long.  I’ll have to fix that.

So, on to the 4th tier, with 26 squares.  Gathering the upper edge of each of these rows is becoming a PITA!

The last tier has 39 squares.  Add all of that up, and you get 100 squares!  And here is the finished product with the shortened bodice.  Looks MUCH better, now.

This could be made super scrappy with a few charm packs.  or less scrappy with some yardage.  Either way, I think it’s ADORABLE!

I can’t WAIT till tomorrow night, when she gets it for her real BIRTHday, and twirls and whirls all around the yard!!!

peace and pieces,

One response to “Twirl Skirt

  1. I love it! She’ll love it for sure.

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