Unforgettable in Blue

Her it is!!  A gift from a Groom to his Bride.

Oops–forgot to move that ball back there!!  LOL

So old fashioned, don’t you think?

My new sewn-in logo!

Binding is so pretty to me.

Quilty Goodness!!

Congratulations, Guys!!!

And you know how Necessity is the Mother of Invention??  Well, this time it’s WASPS!!!  My FAVORITE hanging spot was taken over by those nasty little things.  Sooo, 2 kitchen chairs, a cooler, and the mattress from the guest bed!  not bad, huh???

What really sucks is my CLOTHESLINE is in there!!

Gonna GET you, my UGLIES!!

ok, NOW to finish the stuff for Pre-Teen, and the Geaux Tiger quilt for the La Leche League raffle!  Busy Busy busy!!

peace  and pieces,

3 responses to “Unforgettable in Blue

  1. I love the new sewn-in logo, Amy!

    • Thanks!! I always have a hand-sewn label on it, but this is extra insurance. Maybe someday, 100 years from now, the label will be gone or destroyed. But my little flutterby will still be there.

      A gal can dream, huh? LOL

  2. Damn! How many times do I have to sign in to this blog? I’M OLD FOR CRIPES SAKE!! Beautiful job on the quilt! What the hell is that contraption you built in the back yard? Love,Love,Love the signature on the quilt-should be on EVERYTHING that goes out the sewing room-50 yrs from now, they’ll know it’s an authentic Butterfly Angels Item!! Love,

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